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The APOLLO grading machine was developed in 1981 and it is a top-quality product within the area of fish farming. One of the basic advantages of the APOLLO grading machine is that it has proven its usefulness in the production, as it has been well-tried and tested thoroughly.
Standard editions of the APOLLO grading machine have 4,5,7 or 10 tracks. The grader is made in AISI 316 acid-resisting stainless steel, which makes it prefect to use in working situations involving seawater.

How does it function?
The APOLLO grading machine is a specially developed machine, which can sort living fish such as salmon, trout and eel. It sorts the fish in 3 or 4 different sizes by means of rollers, which are situated 2 by 2.
The rollers run against each other so that the fish are "lifted" up onto the rollers. When the gaps between the rollers are big enough, the fish will eventually slide down and end up in grading sizes below the rollers.The rollers are adjusted according to the size of the fish. Any adjustment of the width between the rollers is made with two finger screws and the width varies from 0 up to 36 mm.

Rollerbearings on the grader

 5 track fischgradermachine Maskinfabrikken Apollo

Long lasting


Cost effective

Equal dosage to grader sectionGood Capacity

Easy to adjust

Flushing water easy to connect


Minimum falling distance

One of the unique qualities that the APOLLO grading machine possesses is that it can be adjusted in both angle and height in order to match the working environment at hand.
If a greater slide-angle is wanted, it is possible to adjust the height of the machine trough the rear wheel. The wheel can be adjusted from 10 cm to 30 cm ( in 10 cm intervals ). Nosewheel unadjusted (low slide-angle) This kind of adjustment can be very useful if the activity level of the fish varies. During the summer when the weather is especially hot, the fish tend to be more active than usual. When the weather is cold, the opposite happens.

Nosewheel adjusted (high slide-angle) In order to obtain optimum sorting it is necessary to tighten the position of the rubber flaps by moving them up or down. The purpose of these flaps is to prevent too many fish from passing into the tracks at the same time and to avoid smaller fish that cling to bigger fish from ending up in the wrong sorting size.
Adjustable rubber flaps connection of watter separator .
The APOLLO grading machine is quick and thorough. But if you want to increase the speed of the sorting even more, it is possible to add a water separator to the grader. In this way you can pump the fish into the grader and achieve an easier, more smooth and quicker grading.

The APOLLO eel grading machine
In its basic form, the eel grader resembles the trout grader. However, this grader is made specially for sorting smaller fish between 1-5 gram. It differs from the trout grader in that the tracks are equipped with so-called frictionless scrapers, which prevent the fish from getting stuck in the machine.
In other words, these scraping boards enable the machine to grade fish from the weight of only 1 gram and upwards.
The special scraping boards are the green lines on the rollers.This plate must be removed when fish above 250 gram are graded. It is there to prevent small fish from falling back to the medium size.

Gradermachine Maskinfabrikken Apollo


Connection of flushing water
One criteria a good grader must fulfil is that it must be easy to connect flushing water to the machine. The APOLLO grading machine fully meets this demand.
The grader is equipped with pipes below the rollers and these pipes discharge the fish to the outlets. The grader has either 3 pipes (see picture above) or 4 pipes, depending on how many sorts of fish there are.
It is possible to have outlets in either the right or the left side of the grader. This is completely at the user's choice.
When the user has decided in which direction he wants his outlets, he simply has to place the special endcaps (see picture below) on the side of the pipes where he has to connect a waterhose, which will flush out the fish.
The outlet which is positioned at the end (according to grading direction) can be adjusted up or down in both sides, according to which side the user is grading.
The small pipestub is for connection of waterhose.

Maintenance of the grader
Another advantage that the APOLLO grading machine has, is that it is very easy to maintain.
Even though the APOLLO grading machine is long lasting and 7-8 years can pass by before the first service check is necessary, problems with wear and tear can of course occur. When or if this occurs, you can order our speciel Service Kit, which contains all the necessary spare parts to maintain the grader and a step-by-step manual, which will guide you.




Maskinfabrikken Apollo


Among other things, the Service Kit contains:

1 sprocket wheel for motor transmissionFritlagtmedjernrem300x300

1 chain simplex 3/8"

1 wheel for returning chain

1 wheel for chain tension

8/10 pcs. axles

8/10 pcs. sprocket wheel

8/10 pcs. bearings

8/10 pcs. blind rivets