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Winsorter                Product info (PDF)  

A Winsorter is a high-quality sorting machine for fish eggs. The Winsorter was invented more than 40 years ago. It has subsequently been developed and improved in close cooperation with the fish farmers and the outcome is an extremely reliable machine which fully meets the strict demands that you may set up for your equipment as a fish farmer.

Although the Winsorter is a very sophisticated machine, it is easy to operate. When you are to sort your fish eggs, select the hole disc that fits the size of your eggs, connect the water and pour small portions of eggs into the container. Use the regulation buttons on the control board to adjust the sorting until it is perfect. When the machine is properly adjusted, fill up the container with eggs and the machine will sort 100,000 or 200,000 eggs per hour depending on the model.

The Winsorter has 4 different hole discs - 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 7.5 mm and 8.5 mm holes. These holes will fit most egg sizes but other hole sizes are available on request.

Why choose a Winsorter?

More eggs of better quality - just two of many good reasons for mechanical sorting of fish eggs.

Safe sorting

The Winsorter sorts fish eggs carefully and reliably without the use of salt or other harmful chemicals. If for example 2% of the living eggs are damaged by salting or sorting with pipette or tweezers, the machine will soon turn out to be a sound investment by reducing this figure. If the eggs are not sorted but only filtered after hatching, much more than 2% of the living eggs will be damaged and the machine will thus be an even more profitable investment.

Increased production

The production of fish eggs will be increased by mechanical sorting. The machine sorts large quantities of eggs in a short time which means that the sorting may be postponed until the eggs are in optimal condition and able to withstand handling. 

Time economy

In the course of a normal workday, one man can clean, sort and measure approx. 4.8 million eggs by means of three Winsorters. If only one machine is used, the daily work can be carried out while the Winsorter does the sorting. Cleaning the machine is not time-consuming either. The Winsorter has a smooth surface which is easily wiped with a wet cloth when the sorting has been completed.

Winsorter WB-9 is made of modules making it easy to replace the individual parts. Returning the whole machine for service and repair can thus be avoided.

Winsorter WB-9

Fish egg sorting machine WB-9, black,  with cover and 4 discs (5.5 - 6.5 - 7.5 and 8.5 mm). Capacity - 100,000 eggs per hour

Winsorter WB-9-C

Fish egg sorting machine WB-9-C, black, specifications as above but also fitted with an electronic counter for living eggs. Capacity - 100,000 eggs per hour

Winsorter WB-9X2

Fish egg sorting machine WB-9x2, black, with cover and 4 discs (2 lines of holes) (5.5 - 6.5 - 7.5 and 8.5 mm). Capacity - 200,000 eggs per hour

Winsorter WB-9x2C

Fish egg sorting machine WB-9x2C, black, specifications as above but also fitted with electronic counter for living eggs Capacity: 200,000 eggs per hour


WB-9-C and WB-9x2C are also available with preset, at an additional cost per machine

Counter for dead eggs (1 line of holes) is also available at an additional cost per machine.

Extra hole discs - all sizes - are also available


Winsorter WB-10 EG

A pervect sorting of your eggs of trout and salmon requires that the eggs almost have the same size. To achieve this it is often necessary to grade the eggs. For that purpose we have manufactured a WB-10 EG.

The EGG GRADER looks like an egg picker, but it is two completely different machines. WB-10 EG grades the eggs in two sizes much faster than a W-9 is sorting.

If you want the eggs gradewd in more than two sizes, you just have to change the disc and grade the portion of smallest eggs once more. For example 2 x grading gives you three sizes.